Empty Island Mentalities

Aren’t uninhabited islands just the best? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against inhabited ones. It’s just that, when you compare them islands where absolutely no-one lives, it’s impossible to deny that they lack a certain something.

Perhaps you don’t agree with me? Well, prepare to be convinced.

I’m going to introduce you to some of my favourite rocks where no humans live, the Senkaku Islands.

No photoshop.

There’s eight of them in total. They’re tiny and are found somewhere Japan, China and Taiwan. Their obscure location and size doesn’t make them at all insignificant. In fact, the more you get to know about them the more you come to appreciate just how special they really are.

Take the fauna. Did you know that there’s a species of moles that are only found on one of the eight islands? The majestic Senkaku Mole.

Again, no photoshop.

There’s also a lot of of goats. Here’s what goats look like. The ones on the Senkaku Islands probably look similar.

I’m guessing some birds stop by every now and then.

Aside from this wonderful abundance of wildlife there’s not a soul. Which brings us back to the main point; they’re pretty much inhabited.

That’s not a metropolis teeming with life, that’s a rock.

So far so great. The only problem is that this very obvious greatness causes various countries to lay a territorial claim to the entire island chain. The Japanese particularly like uninhabited things and that’s why they’ve claimed the Senkakus for over a hundred years. However, they’re not the only people who love sub-species of moles. Both China and Taiwan have been recently showing an interest in the islands. In fact, they’ve even got their name for them; the Diaoyu Islands.

Different name, same barely describable beauty.

The number of Chinese desolate island lovers is increasing everyday. In fact, they’re scheduled to become the most uninhabited island-loving people in the world by the end of the decade. Here’s a group of Chinese people having a public meeting to show off just how much they love places where nobody lives.

I’m sure the Chinese word for goats is on one of those banners.

Some Japanese have responded by trying to show that they love barren lumps of stone even more.

These countries now love the islands so much that they don’t want to share them with each other. I guess it can’t be helped. Things of such importance always attract a lot of jealously and possessiveness.

How will it all end? All out apocalyptic war?

Totally worth it.

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