Don’t go home without your hard-off

Are you hard?


Not like that, though.

No no no. I mean, are you hard?

Come on now, there’s no shame in it. No, I won’t ask you to stand up.

Here’s a place that can cater to the needs of those millions of people worldwide who suffer from excessive hardness.

Does EXACTLY what it says on the sign.

Hard-off’s can be found throughout Japan, such is the, ahem, huge demand. The buildings themselves are often very, ahem, large and have a lot of sections.

Some presumably hard customers being overawed by what they find.

There’s all kinds of delights to be had. Although this particular section was a little too…esoteric for my tastes.


You do NOT want to see what was on the shelf below this one

I would go on, but that would be NSFW.

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2 Responses to Don’t go home without your hard-off

  1. Some guy says:

    Is that the Hard-Off in Kamiaoki, Kawaguchi-shi?

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