Crouching pyjama-bottoms, hidden pyjama-tops

I love pyjamas, me. That’s why I moved to Japan. Because everyone knows no-one knows pyjamas like the Japanese.

Virtuoso stuff.

But what about the history of pyjamas, I hear you ask. Well, it’s accepted by most scholars that the earliest precursors to pyjamas originated in China over two thousand years ago.

Old school pyjamas

As they spread throughout Asia many different styles of pyjama developed.


Less old school, but pyjamas nonetheless

In Japan many excellent styles of pyjamas developed. Over time they became so good that they achieved worldwide fame.

A keen pyjama enthusiast shows his wares

Their popularity is so great that a fine set of pyjamas is now considered an important status symbol. Accordingly the very best pyjamas command high prices and bring prestige to their owners. As you would expect, this rampant consumerist desire can lead to some ugly scenes around this time of year.

Blue is this season’s must-have colour, you see

Out of curiosity, I recently decided to try pyjamas for myself. So I went to my local budokan (literally: ‘pyjama changing salon’).

Guess who forgot their pyjamas today

Unfortunately I had a pyjama-related accident and had to spend a few weeks in hospital. Luckily this meant that I got to wear nothing but pyjamas for two whole weeks. You can imagine how glad I was.

He who laughs last….




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