All about the ‘phoontang

It’s my favourite part of the year; typhoon season! It’s a special time of celebration that runs from late August to early September. During this time many parts of Japan will normally experience at least one typhoon, which is just great, if you happen to enjoy terrible terrible weather. So let’s take a look at what one looks like.

It’s very very swirly

A typhoon works by using its huge cloud hands to scoop up a vast amount of water from the Pacific Ocean and then randomly deposit it somewhere inland. The power of these meteorological phenomena is so great that huge areas of Japan can remain completely underwater for up to two weeks at a time.

Visitors to Tokyo are advised to bring appropriate clothing

If drowning isn’t on your travel itinerary then don’t worry, as Japan offers a wide range of durable rainwear to keep you both dry and alive.

Some go for the vintage look

Others prefer something a little more subtle

There’s no reason your beloved pet can’t join in the fun.

What is it they say about clouds and silver linings?


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